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Master of Business Administration

Our MBAs develop complementary teaching between managerial techniques and tools, management sciences, e-marketing and digital strategies, but also between economic, political and legal sciences, for better adaptation to the needs of businesses.

The calendar takes place over 22 weeks of courses and 4 exam periods.

The timetable is organized to allow students who wish to work part-time for part of the week, or to complete an internship complementary to their course.


Courses are delivered in a variety of formats. We favor working in small groups around projects such as the design of a digital communication plan, the simulation of professional interviews, the analysis of a market, the implementation of investment strategies, etc.

Our MBAs last two years. It is possible to join the training in the 2nd year, depending on your background. 


Duration: 2 years
4 specialties
4 semesters
Integration possible in 2nd year
60% of courses in French
120 ECTS
Exit level: Bac+5 equivalent
40% of courses in English
accessible training
Accessible training
for people with disabilities.
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Specific routes

4 MBA courses are offered to students, which cover the areas of study essential to business development strategies.

These courses are designed as specializations around compulsory education and specific options. If the compulsory courses cover knowledge that is both general and international, the options will allow you to experience in a lively way these skills specific to business management.

A method oriented towards professional integration

Using a practical and realistic method, aiming at concrete and updated case studies, you will apply the knowledge acquired during present and future situations in the business world. After having more clearly defined your professional objectives, you will then join a work and study team teaching you essential technical and organizational skills. Professionals will come regularly to share their experience and their visions for the future of different markets.

International training | English French

Part of the teaching is provided in English. Personal work and research work can be prepared and written in English. 

English reinforcement courses (English Skills) are offered to students who need them.

Specific routes

Management, Entrepreneurship and business creation

Operational management, project management, development of a business creation and development strategy

Webmarketing and digital marketing
Web marketing

Website creation and referencing, cross-media strategies, pdata analysis...

Modeling, finance and risk analysis

Economic and mathematical modeling, data analysis tools and econometrics, risk management...

Sustainable, local and international development
Sustainable development

Law, economics and policies of sustainable development, economics and policies of local and international development, project management...

Academic program

Modules taught

The modules were designed with a triple objective: 

  1. Contribute to the development of practical technical skills corresponding to current business needs

  2. Promote the development of the professional network as well as professional socialization necessary for obtaining the first job, as well as for career development.

  3. Build a general economic, societal and institutional culture allowing us to analyze current issues, whether they relate to the imperatives of sustainable development, international openness, digital transformation and new risks.

The modules are regularly updated based on feedback from our students, and our numerous exchanges with the business world.

Please note: the vast majority of our speakers areabove all professionals : executives, managers, business creators,...The courses they provide come directly from their professional experiences.

MBA-1 Program Overview

Each semester includes a variable number of modules. Few of them take the form of lectures, but the majority are practical work, tutorials and research based on professional immersion.

Semester 1

Hourly volume 240h / 30 ECTS

Labor law and commercial law

Managerial skills

Understand the legal issues of the links between the different stakeholders of the company.

Operational management

UE1 Managerial skills​

Know how to manage a team, on a daily and medium-term basis.

Challenges of a Supply Chain

UE2 Entrepreneurial strategies

Build and optimize an efficient Supply Chain.

Optimize your online visibility

UE3 Digitalization and technologies

Optimize your professional presence on social networks, analyze reporting and create relevant campaigns.

English skills

Additional knowledge in business

Understand and be understood, in English, in business.

Human Resource Management

EU1 : Managerial skills​

Know the principles and different tools of an HR action plan.

business Finance

UE2 Entrepreneurial strategies

Know how to build a Business Plan and master the main financial issues of a company.

Business Building Strategies

UE2 Entrepreneurial strategies

Understand the challenges of starting a business.

Creation and referencing of websites

UE3 Digitalization and technologies

Analyze user needs, develop specifications, model and create a website on Wordpress.

Semester 2

Hourly volume 205h / 30 ECTS

Update in progress

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