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Student in IS-DBA

We understand that education is not limited to the classroom. We are committed to offering our students a holistic educational experience, where academic learning is accompanied by a stimulating and inspiring environment.

Our educational tools

To make our courses more interactive and provide better support for our students, we have introduced new tools.

Interactive screens in all classrooms

Our school has interactive screens in every classroom, enabling your teachers to share a wide variety of multimedia resources to make lessons more lively and dynamic.  These include presentations, videos, articles, online exercises, forms

and much more.


Course material on Classroom

Our teachers feed a pedagogical platform for sharing with our students: Google Classroom. Here you'll find the teaching materials used in class, as well as additional resources to help you learn. You can also interact with your teachers.


Course recordings available on D+1

We provide you with online course recordings. These are available the day after your course, enabling you to go back over your modules independently or catch up on a missed lesson. We're committed to facilitating your learning and offering you the training that's best suited to your pace. 

Our commitment to our students

When you choose IS-DBA, you're opting for more than just an academic education. Our commitment to quality education, personalized support, facilities and activities make our school a place to grow, discover new passions and create lasting memories. At IS-DBA, we offer you a school life experience that prepares you for a promising future, where you can excel in your field and actively contribute to the business world.

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