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Business School

We offer innovative training combining academic excellence and professionalizing courses. We train competent professionals in the fields of entrepreneurship or digital marketing.

Why choose IS-DBA

Our pedagogy

Our programs

Our programs


The Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) is a 3-year qualifying course. Its objective is to provide technical training adapted to the reality of the skills required by companies. The student will thus be able very early on, even before his specialization, to develop a precise, concrete and realistic image of the professions targeted, and not a theoretical image based on an academic approach to the modules.


The Master of Business Administration offers specializations adapted to students' professional projects, entrepreneurship, web marketing, modeling and risk analysis, luxury management and cultural activities... The MBA is a springboard for promotion in business, assistance in business creation or training to speed up obtaining a first job.


Research training is set up at IS-DBA and offered in the DBA, PhD or additional training cycle. The modules are provided by professors from the school and recognized professionals who put their research experience at the service of students. This cycle aims to extend training at bac +5 level for 3 to 4 additional years.

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