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Bachelor in Business Studies
English-speaking program

Our BBS differs from usual programs offered in Business School as we choose to prioritize practical technical and methodological teaching while focusing on web marketing, research and information processing tools, written and oral communication.


3 year program


Exit level:
Equivalent to Bac+3


6 semesters


4 specializations


180 ECTS


100% courses in English


after Bac


Our BBS differs from usual programs offered in Business School as we choose to prioritize practical technical and methodological teaching while focusing on web marketing, research and information processing tools, written and oral communication.

We consider indeed that technical skills and building an interesting professional profile must be supported by a thorough understanding of the economic, technological, legal and political environment, and a mastery of the cultural and social determinants of consumption and management. 

Thinking about recruitment and employability strategies, business development conditions, sustainable development and climate change, the digital transformation of companies, and international macro-environmental risks (Covid, cybersecurity, geopolitical risks) requires a global approach that goes beyond disciplinary limits.

Our bachelor’s degree is mainly intended for students in initial training.

Our courses are taught in English (80%) and French (20%) : technical courses in management sciences, economics and law are taught 100% in English and are complemented by French as a Foreign Language (FLE): general French and professional French is taught in order to live, learn and work in France.

Academic program

The Bachelor’s degree works like any international standard, prevailing in Anglo-Saxon and Asian world. Our BBS is built on 6 semesters and includes a common core cycle “Acquisition of the fundamentals” (bac+1 / bac+2) which allows us to match better to the best French standards and thus obtain state recognition. 


Each year has 25 weeks of courses and 4 weeks of exams.


The schedule is designed to allow students to work part time simultaneously. In this case, the job can be considered as a work experience replacing an internship. 

The first two years correspond to a core curriculum based on the fundamentals of management, digital marketing, and economics, and includes modules on written and oral methodology.

The 3rd year of BBS is made up of a common core and a specialization course.

Our professors, all of whom come from the business world (entrepreneurs, consultants, executives) and are involved in higher education (schools or universities), develop teaching that is both technical, conceptualized and concrete, offering a rigorous methodology that meets the needs of companies.

Career development

The BBS is a preparatory training for the higher cycle. It is not a training leading to an immediate professional integration. During the BBS, students follow an initial training in management sciences, economics, law and political sciences. They are introduced to digital marketing, cultural mediation, sustainable development issues, business management, economic, legal and political analysis of the macro-environment.

General methodology (written and oral) and general knowledge play a central role in this program, which allows students to prepare for the parallel admission exams of business schools and political science institutes.

This wide range of disciplines allows students to continue their studies with a specialization in management, marketing, business, economics, political science, as well as to pursue an MBA.

Specializations and specific courses

Management, entrepreneurship and business creation
Business creation

Operational management, profitability analysis, business creation and development strategies

Webmarketing and digital marketing
Web marketing

Website creation and referencing, Community Management, Data analyst

Hospitality and Luxury Management

Luxury Management, Community Management, Cultural and Luxury Market Analysis, Hospitality Management

BBS English program

Why Python?

Python is a powerful programming language that can be learned easily. Python works on different platforms like used in Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Nowadays python uses real life applications such as Web development used like Websites instagram and Reddit. Artificial Intelligence (which helps voice assistants like Siri and Alexa), gaming, and popular games like Civilization IV. It also works in healthcare, such as predicting patient trajectories and disease outbreaks. Using Python programming applications, data analysis can be processed quickly, which is directly relevant to finance and business.

Are you familiar with international business?
International Business

The expansion of business functions from domestic to foreign countries is defined as the objective of fulfilling the needs and wants of international customers. The exchange of goods and services, resources, knowledge, and skills among individuals and businesses in two or more countries, as well as providing infrastructure and logistics.

Why should you study Business Management?
Business Management

You might be able to start a business on the basic idea, but to manage it you need to understand the functional areas of business such as accounting, finance, management, marketing and production. You need to be a salesperson, as well as a decision-maker and a planner.

How do Websites work?
Website Creation

It's about imagining the framework of the site. It helps to find identity, structure, choices, and functionalities that we wish to provide to our future visitors. Help to expand the E-commerce business platform and use it to create social media platforms!

How to build a Business Startup Strategy?
Business Startup Strategy

Write a business plan and mentioned brief about business description such as Marketing, Finance, Human resources team and operation activity, how to do market research & competitor analysis, prepared how to manage financial projections, company structure & operation plan, and decide goals, objectives of the company.

Luxury means...

Understanding luxury codes, creating and managing luxury brands, and navigating the luxury industry are all aspects of luxury. Examples of luxury brands: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermés, Lanvin.

Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the practice of online marketing, which involves the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. Digital marketing works for both B2B and B2C companies. This includes not only email, social media, and online advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as marketing channels.

What is Hospitality?

Inspired by the luxury hotel sector, hospitality management involves developing the necessary skills in hotel management in order to manage your own establishment or join a group. This concept aims to ensure the well-being of employees and to qualitatively and financially enhance the services offered on hotel sites to guarantee service excellence, customer satisfaction and the profitability of the establishment.

Admission process


There is a rolling admissions process, with application deadlines throughout the year. Places will be allocated to successful applicants on a continual basis, so we would recommend applying early to guarantee your place. Once the program is full, a waitlist will come into effect.



  • CV / Resume

  • Passport

  • Academic transcripts (including official translations if appropriate)

  • Evidence of English language ability (if applicable)

  • Letter of work experience (If applicable)

  • Letter of Motivation (500 words)

    • Outline why you wish to study for the diploma. You should focus on the organizational, strategic and/or financial challenges you are currently facing and explain how you think the program will help you address these challenges.

    • What are your main achievements in your current position, and what were your reasons for taking this position?



The steps of the admission procedure are as follows:

  • Send the Candidature (Application file).

  • Send the requested documents if needed.

  • Meet with the course director (Interview).

  • Get the admission pre-approval letter.

  • Pay all or part of your tuition fees, if agreed.

  • Confirmation of admission (Collect the final enrollment documents).

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