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This content is intended for IS-DBA students

Your schedule

Before the start of the school year, you'll receive a message about your timetable online. We work with the Google suite to facilitate communication between the school and students.

In this message, we'll give you access to your schedule on Google Calendar, noting your class times, rooms and links to your Classroom (Google's platform for sharing course documents and recordings).

Click on the link to add the agenda.

You'll need a Google account (Gmail address).

Classroom is a platform that enables teachers and students to share information, course documents, homework and even recordings of lessons, so you can take a more complex lesson independently or make up for an absence. 

Just click on the links in your online diary to access the platform corresponding to your course. A mobile application is also available on Android and iOS.

Click on each Classroom link in your agenda.

Your courses on Classroom

Courses recordings

All our courses are recorded to enable our students to work independently, or to repeat or catch up on a lesson. These recordings are published on Classroom the day after the lesson. 


In the course's Classroom, click on Homeworks and you'll find a link to the course recordings folder.

Salle de classe
Having trouble accessing your schedule or Classroom? Write to us with "Agenda" or "Classroom" in the subject line.
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Do you have any questions about our calendar? Click here to consult it:
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