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Live the unforgettable experience of learning French in Paris Montparnasse with IS-DBA. Our dedicated teachers will support you, whether you want to enjoy your stay or plan to live and work in France. Immerse yourself in Parisian life, forge international friendships and reach your linguistic goals with the IS-DBA, your gateway to fluent French and the discovery of the capital. 

Welcome to IS-DBA, 
French school in Paris Montparnasse

Learning French in Paris is a unique and rewarding experience. Located in the heart of the dynamic district of Montparnasse, our school not only offers an exceptional setting with a breathtaking view over the rooftops of the city, but also personalized training according to your objectives.

cours de b1.1
vue sur la Tour Eiffel de notre salle de cours

Courses tailored to your goals

At IS-DBA, we believe in the importance of an approach tailored to each student. Our teachers are attentive to your needs and adapt to offer you relevant and engaging lessons. We create our own course materials, designed specifically to meet your expectations.

11 weeks =
1 level of French

At IS-DBA, in just 11 weeks, you can see an impressive improvement in your level of French.Our approach guarantees you rapid and solid progress in mastering French, while allowing you to make friends from all over the world. Our teachers are friendly, professional and caring.

Free trial lesson!

We invite you to test your level of French during a trial class to determine which level to integrate!

Testimonials from our former students:

Don't just take our word for granted, check out our student reviews! Note that our school offers two types of training, in French and in a business school.

Edna Leon, A1

Excellent school for learning the language, they have a very good level. I have only been able to do A1 so far but I would like to say that I am very satisfied with what I have learned. Excellent level, three good teachers, friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Yan Hu, B2

A really great school! I am very satisfied with the teaching environment and the quality of the teachers. I learned B2 successfully. I'm really happy to have spent ten months here. If you have students who want to learn French, don't hesitate, IS-DBA is truly an excellent school!

Selin Kizildag, 

I left another language school to come here and I am very satisfied with it. The teachers are very attentive, the teaching is quality and the price is reasonable. I really think it's unique in Paris.

Ready to learn French in Paris?

Join us at the IS-DBA and register now for our French training. e. Immerse yourself in an immersive experience, make enriching international encounters and develop your language skills in a personalized way. Don't miss this unique opportunity to master French and turn your stay into a real cultural adventure. 

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