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Rules of procedure applied within the IS-DBA


Registration takes place in two stages.

The preliminary interview* in order to meet the student and check the adequacy between his profile, his motivation, and the planned training;

The registration interview* in order to validate together the most suitable specialization.


Attendance at courses is not mandatory, as this is an initial training.. However, for certain disciplines, such as the professional project, it is necessary to exchange with its teachers. And, in all disciplines, continuous control is taken into account in the final grade. As a reminder, in case of delay or long absence, a message is welcome.

Attendance at compulsory examinations

Attendance at exams is mandatory. No certificate will be issued without physical presence, unless there is a reason of force majeure prohibiting the organization of examinations in the premises.

Cheating during the exams

In case of cheating found during the examination, the copy will be punished by a 0.

Retake session

In case of absence or failure during the first session, catch-ups will be organized, answering the same rules of presence.

Support for students

In case of health or personal problems, students will need to contact the school for help working remotely, catching up on classes and passing exams.

Remote registration

*Interviews can be conducted “remotely” via Google Meet. However, the validation of the registration requires the real presence of the student before the end of the 1st semester. If the student never shows up before the end of the 1st semester, the registration can be canceled, unless valid excuse justified, in order to avoid «ghost» students, prohibited by the Paris Academy.

Adaptation in case of prohibition by the government of the courts in the premises

If the government bans classroom classes and exams, they will be organized via an app such as skype, zoom or bluejeans.
Not logging in during these online courses and exams will be considered an absence.
Students who do not have equipment, a place, or a connection to take an online course will receive the course documents, exams and explanations by email. They will have to communicate the work by email to the teachers.

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